A package of R htmlwidgets to interactively view and maybe modify lists. As of now, listviewer provides an interface to jsoneditor and react-json-view. listviewer is designed to support multiple interfaces.




Development Version



jsoneditor is a really well designed JSON interactive editor by Jos de Jong. Since most R data can be represented in JSON, we can use this great JavaScript library in R.

See the above interactive view of par for yourself.

I got this idea courtesy of @jasonpbecker on Twitter. htmlwidgets dependencies are defined by YAML. Let’s see the dependencies for jsonedit.


How about topojson?


react-json-view is another very nice JSON interactive editor. We even get copy/paste! All of the above examples should also work with reactjson.

Shiny example

listviewer works with Shiny but the implementation is crude and likely to change for jsonedit while reactjson integration is much better. If you really want to use jsonedit with Shiny, I would recommend debouncing the change callback. Here are examples with each.

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